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"Give us a call and pick our brains...we offer a free initial phone consultation to determine what the best course is for you and your project. We look forward to hearing from you ...and working with you!"
David Powell, President

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Free Music Rights Consultation

The Music Bridge LLC

  • Contact:          David G. Powell, President 
  • Email:   
  • Phone:            310-398-9650     Fax:   310-398-4850
  • Address:         PO Box 661918, Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • Office Hours:   Mon-Fri., 8-5 PST.


The Music Bridge LLC is a very approachable, personable, knowledgeable full-service music clearance, licensing and supervision company. That means you can call or email me, El Presidente, personally for a Free Consultation. 

We spend a good deal of our day enjoying discussions with new callers and assisting them in getting clear about what their music licensing needs are, media rights to be requested, probable fees to expect, and the most efficient way and time schedule to go about obtaining those rights.

A typical Free Consultation call would include:

  • A discussion and quick synopsis of your company and the project in question.
  • A clarification of what type of initial media rights plus any options you may need to request from licensors for what you are looking to do or accomplish.
  • A review of your "track list" meaning the songs and/or recordings you wish to acquire licenses for, including any flags we may alert you to based upon a particular title, artist, catalog, etc.
  • A discussion of probable fee quote ranges you might see for the particular media buy being discussed and the variables that go into them.
  • A "walk thru" of the actual steps we would take on your behalf to procure the approvals from licensors, from beginning to fully paid and executed.
  • A quote for our services, based upon the above.

Please note that we are blessed with and enjoy having happy clients.  If we feel that what you are attempting to do is improbable, unreasonable or uninformed based upon our vast history, knowledge and experience of the music licensing world, we let you know and offer alternatives.  We don't want you to spend time and money on our services unless we feel you are absolutely grounded as to the appropriate path to take and the reasonable chances for success.

Also, sometimes all you may need is some guidance or clarification, and if its not already posted on our website, we're glad to provide that as part of our day.

So, I would suggest that you give me a call personally for a free phone consultation in order to discuss the specific parameters of your project, its music clearance & licensing needs, and the best strategy to get the music you want at the most favorable terms and fees. 

Office hours are Mon-Fri., 8-5 PST. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

David Powell, President