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Posted by David Powell on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 03:11 PM

8-13-12   re-posted:  I want to welcome everyone to our new Music Bridge blog pages, where we will be posting new and pertinent information about this interesting aspect of the music industry we have been operating in called music clearance and licensing.

David G PowellLet's start off by restating some specifics about music clearance and licensing. There are any number of parameters that get factored into obtaining a formal music clearance quote, such as specific rights & type of media required, term, territory, number of units, unit price, step deals, bumps, options or rollovers, corporate policy of the licensor, length of usage, type of usage, profit or non-profit status, project budget, type of project and subject matter, other compositions/recordings within the project, multiple publishers, samples, copyright renewal and/or ownership issues, popularity and licensing history of the song or recording, and current artist management restrictions and guidelines.

We will address all this and more in detail as we continue to post more blogs.  Meantime, best to you from myself and the Music Bridge staff.

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