Music Clearance & Music Licensing - Overview

In this section of The Music Bridge website, we've
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we can about this mysterious, often
misunderstood field of music clearance and


The Music Bridge, as a well-known, established music rights specialist entity since 1992, offers experienced, personable, fast and affordable music clearance, music licensing and music supervision services, combined with the most realistic, cost-effective music budget for our client's needs.  We have longstanding professional relationships in place with all major and most independent publisher and record label licensing departments, know their individual corporate licensing policies and personalities, and have the expertise to procure the best fees, terms and conditions appropriate to our client's projects and budgets.

FYI: We receive calls every week from producers, corporations, distributors, etc. who have tried to obtain music clearances on their own for their projects - or hired less experienced clearance entities - only to end up frustrated by a lack of results and wasting of time.  Think of us as the tavern at the end of a long weary road that takes you in and gets you right again.

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There are any number of parameters that get factored into obtaining a formal music clearance quote, such as specific rights & type of media required, term, territory, number of units, unit price, step deals, bumps, options or rollovers, corporate policy of the licensor, length of usage, type of usage, profit or non-profit status, project budget, type of project and subject matter, other compositions/recordings within the project, multiple publishers, samples, copyright renewal and/or ownership issues, popularity and licensing history of the song or recording, and current artist management restrictions and guidelines.


"All Clear" A Music Clearance Primer -   A great "101" on  the process of clearing music, primarily geared towards filmmakers, but great information for any audio-visual project.

Limited Rights Strategies for Filmmakers Again, an article written and published for filmmakers but pertinent to most audio-visual projects; puts forth the cost-effective principles involved in obtaining only the specific rights you need for music.

To Lease Or To Buy - Music Licensing Strategies Update A 2008 update of the above Limited Rights Strategies, along with new important information

Music Sample Clearance - as a well known provider of music sample clearance for indie record labels, music producers and hip hop artists, we explain the process and how we are able to obtain the best, most advantageous licenses at a cost usually less than that of an entertainment attorney.

Mechanical Licensing: A How To -    We post this step-by-step brief on compulsory mechanical licensing primarily in order to help artists who have recorded their own "cover" versions of songs how to do the licensing themselves.

Copyright Registration: Songs and Recordings -  We also post this step-by-step brief on how to copyright your songs and recordings primarily in order to help artists and songwriters how to do the Library of Congress Copyright registrations themselves.

Small Business Videographer - A Brief -  Because we get so many inquiries about use of popular music for home-based business DVD "one offs", we thought we'd explain things here.