Perpetual Employee of the Month

 And the featured employee is ....

Jason! - Special Assistant to the President

"Hello, I'm Jason, the President's Special Assistant.  My chores range from:

  • Chief Greeter & Receptionist (everyone goes through me 1st),
  • Chief Shredder (my favorite job, usually done after hours or when left alone),
  • Primary Hole Digger (my own personal filing system),
  •  Weekend Company Retreat Facilitator and Hiking Leader (I'm real good at this)

My Favorite Quotes:

First day on the job

  • "If you got a bone to pick with someone, better bring it to me first"
  • "Let me chew on it for a while"
  • "You're barking up the wrong tree"
  • "Boy, you really took a bite out of that one"
  • "Doggonit, where's my lunch"

Chillin at The Annual Bridge Retreat

First Hiking Retreat

On Location, Sedona, AZ