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The Music Bridge - Music Submissions Policies

Attention: Artists, Composers, Songwriters, Bands,
Music Libraries, Small Labels


As you can probably imagine, The Music Bridge is inundated every day with phone calls, emails and unsolicited packages of music from musicians, artists, songwriters, composers, bands, music libraries and small labels seeking representation and/or opportunities for placement of their material into licensing situations such as films, television shows and more.

Please note that we do not represent talent nor are we a Film/TV music placement company for outside material. That is simply not what we do! 

Further, we would like to listen to all the great music sent our way, and visit all the sites and links of artists, small labels, etc.  But we wouldn't get any work done taking care of our existing clients.

That said, from time to time, we may need to solicit music for a specific project for a specific client. 

To that end, we have set up a system where, if you email us  your contact info (name, company and brief description of your business and music), we will include you in our email database of music vendors, which we may use from time to time to contact YOU when looking to solicit music for consideration for specific projects for our clients. Please put "Preferred Music Vendor List" as the subject of your email.

This process will save time and money and is much more honoring and beneficial for everyone concerned. 

Please know that we are all musicians at heart here at The Music Bridge.  We want to honor your process, and we ask that you honor ours as well by not following up with us via phone or email once you've sent the initial email 

However, if you are:

  • In genuine need of consultation and have some questions that haven't been answered in our FAQ page, blog, or other posted articles and information briefs
  • Have an audio or audio-visual project where you need to actually license specific music
  • Have samples that need to be cleared

Then please send us an email. 

Otherwise, much success to you and your music and projects, and thank you again for thinking of The Music Bridge.