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Celebrating 24 years as Music Rights Specialists
for over 1000 clients and projects. 

  • Offering fast, affordable, experienced & personable music Acoustic Blues Guitarclearance and licensing services for all types of projects for all types of media rights.
  • Longstanding relationships with all major and indie record label, studio & music publisher licensing departments, ensuring the quickest, best results & fees.
  • Free in-depth music rights consultation to determine the best strategy for acquiring the music you want & the specific media rights package you need.

Free Music Rights Consultation!

For help with procuring music clearances & music licensing rights and permissions for:

  • Advertising and Branding campaigns for Internet,Television and Radio (local, regional, national, world)
  • Corporate Industrial in-house or external promotional and informational audio-visual projects
  • Feature and short films (major and indie)
  • Documentaries (for profit or non-profit)
  • Television series, specials and infomercials
  • Digital media & new emerging technology projects
  • Mobile phone content such as mobile apps, ringtones and karaoke
  • Live performances such as live concert, music festivals, dance, ballet or theatrical productions
  • Mechanical licensing, CD soundtracks and compilations
  • Music sample and music video clearances
  • PSA's and non-profit fundraising campaigns
  • and more ...

For help with music supervision complexities such as:

  • Music Conceptualization
  • Music Budget
  • Music Clearances & Music Licensing
  • Composer Selection and Hiring
  • Live Music Scenes
  • Original Music Production
  • Music Spotting Sessions
  • Music Editing
  • Music Cue sheets
  • Distributor's Rights Package
  • Motion Picture CD Soundtrack
  • and more ...

For music consultation services dealing with music rights issues for:

  • Corporations & Advertising Agencies
  • Film and Television Producers & Distributors
  • Recording Artists & Music Publishers
  • Composers & Songwriters
  • Record Label Soundtracks & Negotiations
  • Copyright & Trademark Issues
  • Digital & Online Internet Strategies
  • and more ...

The Music Bridge has over 23 years of experience in guiding you in the right directions and to the right decisions.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss any of your current or upcoming music clearance, music licensing, music supervision and/or music consultation needs. We would love to work with you!

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