About The Music Bridge

The Music Bridge LLC is a music rights company based in Los Angeles, specializing in music clearance, music licensing & music supervision services.

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As a well-known, established respected music rights specialist entity since 1992, The Music Bridge offers experienced, personable, fast and affordable music clearance, music licensing and music supervision services, combined with the most realistic, cost-effective music budget for our client's needs.

We have longstanding professional relationships in place with all major and most independent publisher and record label licensing departments, know their individual corporate licensing policies and personalities, and have the expertise to procure the best fees, terms and conditions appropriate to our client's projects and budgets.

Music Bridge fees are flexible and competitive, on a per project, per title, or hourly basis, depending on specific services provided.

 Music Bridge clients include:

  • Local, National & Intl. Advertising Agencies
  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Television, Radio & Internet Commercial Producers
  • Digital Rights Aggregators for downloads, ringtones & other online content
  • Mobile Phone Aggregators, Applications Creators & Content Providers
  • Major Film & Television Studios & Distributors
  • Independent Film & Television Producers & Distributors
  • Documentary Filmmakers & Distributors
  • Digital Jukebox Aggregators
  • Digital, Online, Mobile & Video Game Producers
  • Corporate Web Sites 
  • Music Portal Entities
  • Internet Radio Stations
  • DVD, Video, Infomercial & Industrial Video Producers & Distributors
  • Local, National and International Corporations
  • Corporate Cruise Lines
  • Music Video Companies
  • Karaoke Companies
  • Audio Post Production Companies
  • Trailer Houses
  • Music Editors
  • Entertainment Attorneys
  • Live National & International Music Festivals & Events
  • Live Theatrical, Musical & Dance Productions
  • Film Festivals
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Religious Organizations & Churches
  • National and Local Political Parties and Politicians
  • Academic Institutions
  • Student Filmmakers
  • Aerobics Companies 
  • National & International Speakers
  • Bestselling Authors
  • Greeting Card Companies
  • Toy Manufacturers
  • Visual Artists and Museums
  • Theme & Amusement Parks
  • Independent Record Labels
  • Independent Music Publishers
  • Major and Independent Recording Artists
  • Film, Television & Audio-Visual Composers
  • Professional Songwriters
  • Record Producers
  • and more ...

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