A Message From The President

   David G. Powell

David G. Powell - The Music Bridge LLCGreetings from The Music Bridge LLC.   For the past 24 years as Music Rights Specialists, we have been busy providing every type of music clearance "now known or hereafter created", for over 1,000 clients and projects, covering every style and time period of music.

We continue to be the "hub of the wheel" in cutting edge new media usages that our clients bring to us each week, and which we in turn put forth to the music licensing departments.

We have grown, zigged, zagged and expanded with the times and licensing trends - from features and television series, to corporate usages and commercial advertising, to product merchandising and video games, to a multitude of new digital rights platforms and mobile phone content.

We've witnessed the trends in music publisher consolidations and record label acquisitions, the movement of key music licensing department personnel, the ever changing policies of each major corporate licensor and ongoing increases in music licensing fee structures as traditional revenues such as CD sales plummet.  

We've embraced the rise of digital media, internet usages and new emerging technologies, and the evolvement of ringtones, mobile phone content, mobile apps and other digital applications.

We've seen the advent of home digital recording studios and a flood of indie music available for licensing, and the rise of the use of samples in recordings by both major and indie artists.

We've welcomed the growth of affordable film-making technology supporting the rise of indie film-makers and documentarians, and seen the increased popularity of film festivals, YouTube and other internet resources as promo and distribution tools.

The one constant is that the music licensing landscape will continue to change. Even as some aspects of the industry appear to be constricting, new paradigms of change within the music and entertainment industries are occurring every day, creating more opportunities and ever creative platforms for the use of music within new media projects, programs and applications.

We continue to enjoy being on the front lines of music clearance and licensing, and in a position to be of valuable service as a "bridge" between our clients and the music they wish to license for their projects, and the rights owners and licensors themselves.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  Our staff is personable as well as knowledgeable, and we'd love to hear from you!


David G. Powell


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