Music Licensing for Advertising

Music Clearance & Licensing Services for
Corporate Content, Marketing, Commercials &
Advertising Campaigns
in All Media

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Small Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies

Over 200 Advertising Agency Clients

  • Fast, affordable, experienced & personable music clearance & music licensing services for all Corporate Content, Promotion, Marketing, Commercials & Advertising Campaigns in all types of media including Television, Radio, Mobile & Online/Internet.  We specialize in clearing music for advertisements and corporate usages.
  • Longstanding relationships with all major and indie record label, studio & music publisher licensing departments, ensuring the quickest, best results & fees.
  • Free in-depth music rights consultation to determine the best strategy for acquiring the music you want & the specific media rights package you need.

Free Music Rights Consultation!

  We specialize in obtaining music permissions for:

  • Television, Radio & Print Commercials and Advertising Campaigns (Local, Regional, National, World)
  • Website, YouTube & Social Media Content (Promotion, Marketing and/or Informational)
  • Mobile & Online Media Buy Advertising Campaigns (including geo-targeting & geo-gating strategies)
  • Corporate In-House Internal Content (Intranet, Internal Meetings, Power Point Presentations, Employee PSA's)
  • Corporate External Content (Trade Shows, Conferences, Keynote Presentations, Point-of-Purchase Displays)

The Music Bridge has several decades of cutting edge, real-time expertise in guiding you in the right direction and to the right decisions on music usage.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us  for a free consultation to discuss any of your current or upcoming music clearance & music licensing needs for Corporate Content, Promotion, Marketing, Commercials & Music for Advertising Campaigns.  

We would love to work with you!

 Sincerely,  David G. Powell, President